Marit Knarud

Bilde av Marit Knarud


Marit Knarud was born November 14 th, 1982, in Gran, Norway.

Upcoming exhibitions/events:
September 2009 "EUROPE NOW" open 25 September in
Seyhoun Art Gallery, west Hollywood USA.
The art gallery’s homepage: Homepage
2005 - 2006 Part - time student at Christiania friAkademi
2005 - 2006 Part - time student at Fabrikken Asker Kunstfagskole
2003 - 2005 Full - time student at Fabrikken Asker Kunstfagskole
Solo exhibitions:
2006 Clodion Art Cafe, Oslo, Norway
Collective exhibitions:
March 2009 'Nude', Collective exhibitions, gallery 'Pikene ved broen', Asker, Norway
October 2008 Asker jazz festival, Asker, Norway
September 2008 Asker bildende kunstneres fallexhibition, Asker, Norway
May/June 2008 Groupexhibition in Pantagana art club, Oslo, Norway
December 2007 Galleri H-11 - Christmasexhibition, Høvik, Norway
October/November 2007 Galleri H-11 - Fallexhibition, Høvik, Norway
2005 Mølla Gallery, Gjøvik, Norway
August 2009 Around the river "Norway’s longest artexhibitions", Drammen, Norway.
July 2009 Stone carving festival, Trondheim, Norway
From 2008 ABK - Member of Asker bildende kunstnere
From 2007 Member of Gran art association